How to transition your child into daycare

The transition from home to daycare attendance can be difficult for both parent & child. Here are our top 3 tips for making this change for your family as smooth as possible. 

Practice separation prior to care
By familiarising yourself and your child with separation prior to commencement at daycare, anxieties for both of you can be greatly reduced. Start by placing your bub on one side of the room while you complete a task on the other side. Speak to them whilst doing this, saying things along the lines of "Mummy/Daddy is right here, I'm just tidying your toys" or "Once I'm finished checking dinner I'll come and see you". Slowly increase the duration and space of separation all while communicating to your child what you are doing. This teaches them that you may leave the room for a period but you always come back.

Prioritise socialisation from a young age 
Attending mother's groups or organising play dates with other children is a great way to get your child out of their comfort zone and interacting with others outside their immediate family. If a child has already interacted with others their own age, they will be excited by childcare and the prospect of new friends. Children who have spent most of their younger months interacting mostly with adults tend to become a little overwhelmed by the business of other children at daycare.

Attend shortened days for the first few weeks
When the time comes for your child to commence care, we recommend starting them off on shortened days. This allows them to be slowly immersed in our daily routine and decreases the chances of them becoming over stimulated by all the activity around them. As each week passes, leave them for longer and longer until they have attended a full day. When dropping your child off, tell them you will see them again soon saying "Mummy/Daddy will see you after your nap." Be careful to avoid using times in your conversations with young children as this  

A word from the educators
Transitioning to care is not a straightforward process as each child's disposition will play a role in how quickly they adapt to this change. There will be some days where your child will cling and others when they run (or crawl!) straight over to their peers. Be patient with this process and remember, just as your child cries at home, they will cry with us. By putting these tips into practice, your child will be fully adjusted to childcare in no time!